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Brad Elliot is a Newcastle based Australian drummer...

Brad began his music career in bands during the 1980's in Newcastle, including: Just For Laughs with Paula Best, Ian Walker, Tony Morehead and Ian Crawford. Replacements included: Mark Webster, Naomi Jeffries, Peter Young, Tony Morehead, Grant Mead, Chris Glenfield and Brad and Paul Elliot.

In the 1990's he was a drummer in: Express with Darren Fewings, Tasha, Lou, Mel McGregor, Damien Watson and Chris Lee. The Flairs which became UFO-Ultimate Freak Out with Katrina Aitken, Rhonda Aitken, Phil Bellamy, Simon Endersby and Chris Lee. Fruitcake formerly Sugar with: Mel McGregor, Kim Zeschel, Amy Vee, Phil Bellamy, Chris Lee and Darren Fewings. Brad played in the Heartfelt Rodneys formerly Cool Factor with Julie Wilson, Natalie Rowett, Peter De Jong, Jim Porteus, Gareth Hudson and Dean Gearing. In Joshua Brave with Paul Flaherty: guitar, Don Ninness: bass, Brad Elliot: drums and Ian Sandercoe: vocals. Brad Elliot was replaced on drums by Phil Archer. Phil Archer was replaced on drums by Craig Lancaster.

In the 00's Brad played in the Whispering Jack Show with Mike Vee, Amy Vee, Crystal Young, Peter McVie, Ngariki, Jockin Smith and Chris Lee.

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